Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions we get about "My Little Transformer."  If you've got any you'd like to see answered that aren't here, feel free to Ask Mary & Silas!

Q)  I can't get the MPEG versions to play!   HELP!!!

A)  Intstead of clicking directly on the MPEG file to play it, try saving it to your computer instead.  Right-click on the MPEG file link and select "Save File As" from the menu.  Then save the MPEG to your computer.  After it saves you can watch it on any media player you want.

Q)  Where did the idea for MLT come from?

A)  It was about two weeks after Prime Passion wrapped up.  We were hanging out, watching a movie or something.  As always, Silas had some Transformers and Mary had her My Little Pony's.  We started creating little skits and comic strip ideas with the toys, and snapped a few frames with a digital camera.  We first thought about making MLT a webcomic, but then had the idea about a Prime Passion follow up.  The idea for another short film was out of the question, since there was just too much material to cover in 8-10 minutes.  Mary then asked, "well what about a series?"

Q)  How did you come up with the name?

A)  "My Little Transformer" was our first choice, but definitely not our favorite ^_^.  At one point we were asking around for ideas on what to call the series, and Silas said something like "we don't want anything stupid, like 'My Little Transformer'."  But every time we said "My Little Transformer" to someone, they always found it funny and knew exactly what they were getting into, so in the end...the name stuck.  (A special shout of thanks goes to Kelly H. for creating the MLT 'shield' logo!)

Q)  Are you related to "My Little Beast Wars?"

A)  Unfortunately not, sorry.  For those of you wondering, MLT came around after "My Little Beast Wars."  We've collaborated once so far on an episode (#33, "New Recruits") and are trying to get permission to post the MLBW picfics on the site.  We'll keep you posted.

Q)  Did you have any idea that Episode 2 would be so popular?

A)  Nope, but then again we didn't really think that any of this would be popular.

Q)  Where do you get ideas for episodes?

A)  Current events sometimes, like hurricanes. And sometimes holidays, obviously. Toys we have access to are always an influence. Maybe one of us will get a random new toy, and decide "this [Pony or TF] looks really [weird/funny/scary/stupid] and we should have them do..."  (like the pony Wondermint and Episode 5).  We'll then take the idea and run with it.

Q)  What goes into the making of an episode?

A)  After playing around a lot with toys, we've got a chest full of ideas.  Episodes usually kick off with lots of phone calls that start with "So I had this idea for an episode..." well they start with that after us yelling our names at each other for a while. Then it goes to choosing or finding appropriate toys, finding voices, finding/making props, and working on scripts, sometimes. Playing with toys, mostly. And then we get to shooting, which takes about two days.  A couple of hours of editing after that, depending on the length of the episode (usually takes about 4-5 hours).  And lots more phone calls.

Q)  How much does it cost to make an episode?

A)  Normally we don't spend anything...unless we need to pick up something like Castle Greyskull or a leprechaun.

Q)  What equipment to you use to tape and edit?

A)  To shoot episodes we use a Sony Hi8 or JVC MiniDV Camcorders (we like the Hi8 a bit more because the colors translate better when digitizing).  For capturing we use a Canopus Stormrack system and we cut it together with Adobe Premiere 6.5 or Premiere Pro.  For exporting purposes we use the built-in Adobe Premiere Windows Media converter for MPEG's and WMV's and RM's Real Producer for the .rm files.

Q)  Where do all the toys come from?

A)  Mostly from out own collections.  For the newer stuff, stores like Wal-Mart and Toys 'R Us are our first stops.  We also grab a lot of stuff from online stores and (of course) eBay.

Q)  What other stuff have you guys done besides MLT?

A)  We've put together a few live action spoof short videos, plus the now-infamous Prime Passion (which the sequel IS being worked on!).  We've also got some other ideas stewing, but MLT is priority-one at the moment.

Q)  How do I get to be a voice?

A)  Got a mic on that computer?  Good!  We're always looking for willing voices to add to the 'pool.'  Check out our Voice Page for more info!

Q)  Hey, I have an idea for an MLT episode, can I send it your way?

A)  Sure!  MLT has an Open Script Policy.  That means we'll accept and consider every script and idea that comes our way.  If we think it'll work, we'll try to work to develop it into an episode.  If you use your idea, you'll always get full credit.  Check out the Writing Page for more info.  Keep in mind that we get dozens of submissions a day, so if we don't get back to you right away please bear with us.  ^_^

Q)  Why hasn't [insert favorite character here] been in an episode yet?!

A)  There are HUNDREDS of TF's and MLP's out there, and we'd love to give them all their day in the sun.  But that probably won't happen until, say, MLT episode 541.  Usually toys in the episodes are selected because of their character profile, their color, whether they can stand in certain poses and so on.  But if you've got a fave robot or pony that you're just dying to see featured, send us an idea!

Q)  Do you make any money off of this?

A)  Nope.  When it comes to episodes like the Valentine's Day one, we end up spending a little dough for materials like the Valentine's bags.   MLT is done for the love of toys and to share the fun.

Q)  I love MLT! I want to donate all of my money to it 'cause its more important to me than stopping genocide or feeding third world children! Just tell me where to mail the check baby!

A)  The idea has been kicked around to put up a PayPal donate button on the site, but nothing's been officially decided on yet.  We were also thinking of selling some of the "props" seen in various episodes (such as the "For Rent" sign in Ep. 1, He-Man's towel from Ep. 3, the Go-Bot's leashes from Ep. 7, and the Starscream's Valentine's Bag from Ep. 14), but again no solid plans yet.

Q)  What do you two do when not working on MLT?

A)  Mary just finished her theatre degree at AU and is [always] waiting for the next Dragon*Con.  Silas teaches at AU, does video work for AU Vet school, and kicks kids out of the local KB Toys.

Q)  Is

A)  Wouldn't you like to know.


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