Honorable Mention (College Category):  2004 Movie Gallery Student Video Competition

Best Audio/Video Entry:  BotCon 2004 Art Contest

Best Video:  2004 Official Transformers Collectors Convention

Overall Funniest Entry:  2004 Official Transformers Collectors Convention


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Prime Passion Poster

Prime Passion (also known as Prime Passions) was a project we worked on in late 2003 for the convention/film festival circuit.  The short starred a Masterpiece Optimus Prime trying to get to his true love...a Sailor Moon doll.

Shooting took place over three days and was edited within two weeks.  Prime Passion premiered at the local anime club on January 20th, 2004.  Since then it's accumulated four awards, including BotCon 2004 and OTFCC 2004.

The sequel, Prime Passion 2, is now in the works and will see release on...well...sometime...

Stills from Prime Passion 2! (Click to Enlarge)


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